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Intensive Weekend

Hosted @ Vine & Fig Farm

The three-day weekend provides an intensive and effective way for you to focus on your concerns, needs, and goals.  Set in the relaxing Ozark countryside, on a small farm, the Intensive Weekend gives you the chance to spend a long, concentrated block of time working on therapeutic goals, reflecting, and gaining new resources.  Each Intensive includes a minimum of 6 hours of individual counseling with a Licensed Professional Counselor.  Costs include therapy, lodging on the farm for 2 nights, and associated meals. 

You will spend your time in counseling sessions with Ken and Kathy, tailored to your needs. During and after your sessions, you’ll have ample time to practice and reflect on what you’ve learned.  Working with Ken and Kathy in a safe and confidential environment allows you to explore the nature of the problem you are experiencing without common distractions.   Concentrated therapy allows you to make progress that could take several months of therapy.  Counseling sessions are interspersed with breaks both morning and afternoon. Meals and snacks are provided on the farm.  Saturday evening is usually used for spiritual discipline, worship, and rest.  If you are receiving ongoing therapy, I am willing to collaborate with your primary therapist.


Individuals and couples will complete personal intake information that is reviewed by Ken prior to a 90 minute pre-intensive session.  The session is held by phone or video conferencing.  During this session, Ken will help you establish specific goals and work with you to determine a treatment strategy. This strategy may include psychological assessment tools, assigned reading material, and how you wish to integrate spirituality into treatment.  Ken will explain the therapeutic process that will be used during your intensive: EMDR, Solution Focused Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Acceptance Commitment Therapy, or inner healing.  It is important to us that you are fully informed concerning the Intensive.  The last 30 minutes of the pre-intensive session will be spent with Kathy.  She will review information about your accommodations, travel directions, arrival time, and dietary needs.  We are wanting you to be comfortable and well cared for while at Vine and Fig Farm.


Sometimes people benefit from additional counseling and these can be arranged using phone or tele-therapy ( Ken currently uses a secured web-based video conferencing, Zoom, and can be accessed by most computers that have internet access). Some issues/patterns are so entrenched that it takes longer to change but once the problem is understood and the solutions found you have something to work towards. Often people continue on their own and some occasionally access further support.  Ken can help you locate local therapists as well.  


Therapy, like all change, is work.  You can expect to be tired during therapy.  We want to take good care of you while you are here and want to equip you with additional ways to care for yourself.   Part of your intake will be a survey of the ways you care for your whole person - body, soul, and mind.   Ken and Kathy will offer you additional ways to relax, renew, and be resilient.   Ken will pull from classical spiritual disciplines, body movements, aroma therapy, mindfulness skills, and relaxation exercises.  You will chose the personal resources you would like to learn and practice.   These become valuable as you return back to your normal schedule.


The most common therapeutic approach used during the Intensive is EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing).  This therapeutic approach is very conducive to addressing issues in a concentrated context.  It is an evidence-based practice that has solid research supporting its effectiveness.  In the event your therapeutic goal calls for another therapy approach or you find EMDR to be troubling, Ken has additional training in the following approaches that also fit with the Intensive model:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

  • Acceptance Commitment Therapy

  • Solution Focused Therapy

  • The Collaboration Marriage - Couple Communication

  • Inner Healing


Good therapy addressed the whole person and is set within a worldview.  Ken and Kathy have been following Christ since they were children.  Together they served in pastoral leadership for 26 years.  Therapy is not only informed by a Christian worldview but involves clarifying your personal values and accessing them in therapy.  Ken will discuss with you how you want to integrate your faith in sessions and personal resource practice.  We will be praying for you during the weekend as well.  We want you to be comfortable with the whole weekend experience.

Accomodations and Details


Participants stay in a private room with a private bath.  The room is located in the main house on the farm and is home to the Tombley's and 2 of their children. 

if accommodations are not available at Vine and Fig Farm you will be staying at a guest cottage in the small town of West Plains run by Eagle's Wing Ministries.  The cottage as two bedrooms, two living areas, kitchen, deck, and basement game room.   The cottage is located a few blocks from the historic Downtown Square of West Plains.   Local grocery, food establishments, and coffee shops are near by.  If you are at the cottage meals will be your responsibility. 

If you prefer the cottage you can request this we booking your intensive weekend. 

Working Farm and Homestead

You will be staying on a working farm.  There are your typical farm animal fare: chickens, ducks, turkeys, pigs, and cattle.  Of course every farm has their dogs and barn cats.  Please be aware of this if you have allergies (the only animal in the house is a Yorkie).  We will orient you to the farm and safety concerns.  Bring shoes that can get dirty.  While you are here there may be farm work happening (it is part of the atmosphere).  You are welcome to observe and enjoy a closer touch of nature. You will be asked to sign a wavier of release.  Please be aware that you wander the farm at your own risk.


You will be joining the farm for meals.  The food you will be served will primarily be farm-to-table.  This means our proteins are grown right here using natural, sustainable farm methods.  Depending on the season, many of the vegetables will be right from the garden or other local grower. Eggs, yogurt, and milk are also from here. 

If you have special dietary needs, Kathy will work with you to accommodate those needs or make room for you to bring specialized food. Email Kathy with any questions you may have.

If you are staying at the cottage meals will be your responsibility.  There are local eateries and national chain restaurants nearby. 


Individual - $599.00 (includes 3 days-2 nights lodging and food; 5 individual sessions)

Couple - $699.00

Weekend Marriage Retreats (four couples a weekend) $250.00 per couple

Extra  individual sessions - $88.00 an hour

Extra nights lodging - $100.00 a night

Email Kathy with any questions concerning food or lodging..

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