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Our Services


Individual therapy is offered by degreed and licensed professionals.  Services can be provided live or by tele-therapy using ZOOM - a secured service.   Each counselor has different office locations within the state of Missouri.   Treatment is tailored to the client's need and integrates evidence based practices. 

Dr. Ken Tombley, LPC - West Plains, Pomona, Willow Springs areas. Telehealth is available.

Melissa Leighty, LPC - West Plains and Willow Springs. Telehealth is available

Mark Sullivan, LPC - West Plains and surrounding areas. Telehealth is available

Shannon Hamilton, PLPC - West Plains and surrounding areas. Telehealth is available


Group therapies are scheduled throughout the year.  These are topic specific groups of 5-12 people that meet for 10 week cycles.  Groups include Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Sexual Addiction, Adolescent Issues, divorce recovery, PTSD.  Additional groups are formed as needed throughout the year.  Counselor's at Caliber are willing to host groups at your organization.   Several groups are offered as video conference group to facilitate privacy and geographical distance.   Contact Dr. Tombley if you have any questions. 


Couples therapy is offered by all counselors.   This includes pre-marital counseling.  Couples therapy is effective in improving marital relationships, restoring relationships after infidelity, and can be extended to include family therapy.


Having concentrated blocks of time over the course of several days is an incredibly satisfying and empowering experience. Momentum is maximized as you heal and grow.

  • Extra privacy

  • Jump-start recovery

  • Address a specific issue

  • Get a breakthrough

  • Fit into your schedule

  • Augment ongoing therapy


If you are interested in a training event contact Dr. Ken Tombley

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