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Professional counseling 

integrated with a Christian worldview.


"Good therapy begins with a good therapist. There are certain key capacities and qualities to look for in a therapist. The first of these is the capacity to apply both grace and truth together."

John Townsend, PhD,

We provided  a full range of individual therapy for personal development and mental health.  Individual therapy is offered in Pomona, West Plains, Branson, Warsaw and Kansas City.  Tele-therapy is available with Dr. Tombley.    Specializations in anxiety, adolescents, addictions, and trauma.


Weekend intensives are available at Vine and Fig Farm with Dr. and Mrs. Tombley.  These weekends provide extra privacy and focused attention away from the pace of everyday life. 


Dr. Tombley is available for conference and retreats.  He has has provided inservice conference on difficult confrontations, managing change, couples communication, mental health practice consultation, and more.   Specific trainings can be requested. 



Melissa Leighty, LPC

Dr. Ken Tombley, DCoun, LPC, CRADC

Mark Sullivan, LPC

Shannon Hamilton, PLPC

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